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Horoscope - Aries. Daily Zodiac Prediction for September 29, Students may do well. They may be able to finish their work/projects on time. Financially you.

I was teaching his material in different places of the world; I was living at the time in Israel, but also in the United States and so we definitely worked very closely together but today we are not in touch anymore. I personally developed this body of knowledge in my own study and research.

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Can you update us on your personal background and how did you start with astrology? Then, when I was about eighteen a friend of mine suggested that we take an astrology class, so it was a big surprise to me because I never thought about studying astrology. When I went to the class, I quickly learned everything, it was very natural to me, as if I was remembering it and not really studying. I was studying sound engineering at the time, so I was not thinking about doing any work with astrology, but very quickly, people started asking for their charts and it gradually took over my professional life.

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It seems like astrology was waiting for me. You made a video about Jupiter in Libra and there you made a clear prediction that Trump will win the elections, because two or three times before it was the same. Well, you know, I will tell you honestly; the way I presented this was to actually let people think, and not to choose a particular candidate.

So, there was definitely a lot going on for him, but I will tell you honestly, I was not completely sure myself. And we know also that Trump will have the Eclipse in August exactly on his Mars and Ascendant, so that will very likely affect the leadership in the United States.

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Can we summarize all these and then come up with a potential interpretation? This is a big subject because is a very, very charged year, where many cycles of great importance are starting or closing, as you were saying. They will meet only once in this cycle.

I will also want to say that we will start to feel a lot of these changes before, even starting in , then more so in and the more intense development will be in The Pluto-Saturn conjunction will take place at 22 degrees Capricorn and it will exactly conjunct the Sun , Mercury and the asteroid or dwarf planet Ceres. The degree 22 Capricorn is a very powerful degree — I will talk to you about it very soon — but if we look at Pluto-Saturn conjunctions, they are very powerful, and we can look back at history and see how many, many political and structural events occurred, that changed sometimes the course of history.

This conjunction is something that can redirect the course of history and since there are so many other dramatic events happening in that year, we can expect a very important year. On my website www. One of the important things is to understand that every big cycle like that has an evolutionary reason, a role or purpose. When I look at Pluto-Saturn and we know Saturn has to do with government, structure, politics, but the real, deeper meaning of Saturn it is that it has to do with divine order on this planet , in this life.

So, we speak about a time where we have to be accountable, where we have to realign ourselves with the divine order and not think that we can do whatever we want, and we can steal, and we can lie, and we can abuse the Earth and other people. And when we speak of Pluto, we speak of the soul needing to expand its vessel. And we fill our cup with water, but when our cup is too small, then the water overflows.

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With Pluto-Saturn, we speak of our need for re-empowerment and our need for empowered and true leadership. So, the theme of corruption and the theme of true leadership is very strong with Pluto-Saturn, because the evolutionary purpose is to have a responsible leader and then systems and government, which means that those who are not strong enough and those who are not ethical, may go through a very deep crisis.

Many hidden things come to surface; many things that are not used properly start to break down. So, one of the spiritual purpose of Pluto-Saturn is to understand, to find, who on this Earth can be the one who holds the keys to the power. On a spiritual level the purpose is to find someone that is clean, ethical and strong enough to be able to hold the powers in the world.

What is Power?

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Power can be resources like gold or oil. MAURICE : Yeah, and we see how these countries on the one hand have a lot of conflict and a lot of instability, because there is something about them that reflects that need for power. And there will be those who will try to get the power unethically and you will see those who will be receiving the power in a natural way, they will rise to prominence, they will gain status and you will see the others fall apart.

And if we look back at history, especially in when Pluto-Saturn were conjunct in Cancer , the opposite sign of now in Capricorn, we saw the fall and the rise of empires. We saw the fall of the Ottoman Empire, we saw the fall of the Russian Monarchy and the whole Europe was redrawn new borders. The same was happening in China, there was also a very big shift in the leadership there at the time. We have to watch these events and we see now how everything is already so much in question. We see the European Union being very fragile, countries leaving, we have the Brexit.

This will be at a decisive time in to see if Europe will survive this and if it will, what is going to be its new form. One of the charts for Greece — there are different charts for different periods — but one of the charts for Greece has the Sun in Capricorn at 22 degrees Capricorn, right where the Pluto-Saturn is.

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This is just a glimpse into this cycle and we speak of countries, we speak of Europe and this will affect everywhere. A crisis in leadership and who knows, if he will be able to navigate this properly or if he will elevate the country or lead it to a collapse. We also know that the United States is born with Pluto in Capricorn. So if we look at the Constitution, this is something very Saturnian that help us navigate, get guidance in our lives. Astroved - Astroved provides great information about Horoscopes, Zodiac Signs and its importance.

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